June 2009

Replace object A with a random new object

You’ve spent countless nights trying to finish the project on time and you’re just about to hit that sweet render button when the brilliant client comes through the door. He has just decided that he doesn’t want the landscape of cubes any more; he wants a random mixture of spheres, orbs and globs. Then he leaves you with the inspiring task of replacing the whole scene. A scenario that sadly isn’t all that uncommon. Though there’s no need to despair, with the solution below you should be home long before bedtime.

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Model the threads on a bottle in Softimage

Create a single polygon
Once broken down to individual steps the procedure for creating the thread for the bottle, or any thread for that matter, is essentially a no-brainer. Rather than adding thread onto the existing geometry, you’ll create the tread as a separate piece and then weld it together with original object. The first step is to create a flat polygon with the same length as the circumference of the neck of bottle and with the preferred height of one revolution.

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Creating procedural X-ray shader in XSI

Röntgen ray, or X-ray as it’s commonly known as, is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Its short wavelengths are capable of penetrating the soft tissue as well as the bones in the human body, which has made it very useable in the modern medical services. Nevertheless, the number one use of X-ray is probably in science fiction TV shows and 3d animation.

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