April 2010

Single axis direction constraint

As you’ve noticed there isn’t a one click solution to limit the direction constraint to a single axis. However there’s no need to despair as we’ve supplied you with two different methods to tackle the problem.

Open the scene Surveillance_Camera.scn from this issues DVD. The first method requires two null objects, one which can be moved in any direction and one that will be used for the actual direction constraint. Create a null object, name it Direction_Cns and move it somewhat in front of the surveillance camera. Create another null object, name it LookAt and move it in front of the camera as well. Press [Ctrl] + [K] to pen its Local Transforms PPG and click the Lock icon to pin it to the screen. Select the Direction_Cns object and press [Ctrl] + [K] to open its transform PPG as well.

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Assigning different textures to the same geometry-instances in ICE

While you can’t assign different materials to the same geometry instances per se, you can use attributes from the pointclod to achieve the same result. Start by open the scene multiple_textures.scn from this issues CD. Select the PointCloud and press [Alt] + [9] to open an ICE Tree. With the pointcloud and the instanced geometry already in place, the only thing left to add is a random color. Get a Randomize Color by Gradient node and connect it to the Color input of the Emit from Surface node. Open the Randomize Color by Gradient PPG and change gradient to match the screenshot.

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