October 2010

Expanding the width of the rendered image without distorting the camera perspective

By changing the cameras position and increase the size of the output resolution you’ll obviously be able to widen the shot. Unfortunately you’ll end up with a completely different perspective. By compensating the cameras field of view angle in relation to the added pixels the expanded images will line up exactly with the original image when superimposed. The procedure will work just as well if you need to reduce the size of the image.

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How to fill a volume using rigid body dynamics in ICE

The standalone or default rigid body dynamics engine is the preferred solution if you’re simulating few or a fixed number of objects and need high precision. If you’re on the other hand are set to take on a large number or are adding new objects to the simulation over time then ICE would most likely be the one to choose. Even as booth engine uses the physX as the dynamics engine, ICE still isn’t the answer to all your upcoming simulation struggles. And the reason for this is quite simple. Kinematics isn’t officially supported within the ICE framework yet (though it can be activated manually) and the actual shape isn’t available as a collision type.

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