February 2011

Stretchy bones in ICE

Open the scene Stretchy_Bones from this issues DVD. Select the Stretchy_Bones null object and press [Alt] + [9] to open an ICE Tree. From the Create menu choose ICE Tree to create an empty ICE Tree. The idea of stretchy bones or limb stretching is quite simple. If the distance between the root and the effector is greater than the sum of the bones, the bones should stretch. But if the distance is less, the bones should stay unaffected at their default length.

Get a Get Data node and double-click on it to open its PPG. Click the Explorer button and expand the tree root > Kinematics > Global Transform and select the Pos. Get a second Get Data node and type eff.kine.global.pos in the Get Data textbox to get the position for the effector as well. The next step is to calculate the distance between the two objects, so get a Get Distance Between node. Connect the root.kine.global.pos node to the First input of the Get Distance Between node and the eff.kine.global.pos node to the Second input.

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