March 2011

How to offset point position in ICE

Start a fresh scene and from the Get > Primitive > Polygon Mesh menu choose icosahedron (any dummy object will do) and set the Geodesic Frequency to 4 to make it a bit smoother. With the icosahedron still selected, press [4] to switch to the Simulate toolbar and from the ICE > Create menu choose Emit Particles from Selection. With the pointcloud selected, press [Alt]+[9] to open an ICE Tree.

Open the Emit from Surface PPG and change the Rate type from Number of Particle per Second to Total Number of Particles and Size to 0.5 or so. By default, the shapes of the points are set to (which may not be totally unexpected) just points. While this is sufficient to determine their position, there’s no way to tell their size or in which direction they’re oriented. So for clarity, change the Shape to Cone. In the Orientation section of the PPG, check the Align to Surface Normal checkbox.

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