November 2012

Wall of lights – How to set up a wall of animated light bulbs

Nine out of ten times you’re overegging the pudding by adding actual light source to the setup as you most likely could get away with a using really bright material on the object. But there is that one time you do need it, and this apparently is it.

Start by opening the scene Light_Wall.scn from this issues CD. There are several ways you can animate the lights switching on and off, but the perhaps most intuitive is by using an image sequence. Select the Wall object and from the Get > Property > Texture Map menu choose Texture Map. In the Clip section of the PPG, click the New button  and choose New From File. In the Browser, select the LightSwitch.pic sequence from the Pictures folder and click OK. Select the Texture_Projection in the UV Property section and then close the PPG.

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