Fluorescent Afterburner

Particles offer a great deal of the features and parameters to suit just about all your needs. However, as a beginner you’ll most likely end up fiddling with pretty much all of them before getting the result your after (or simlpy giving up because you’re no where near it). Just because you have a parameter at your disposal doesn’t mean it will add anything to your current setup or that you should use it. On the contrary, keeping it simple will drastically increase your chances of succeeding.

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Bowling Alley Timewarp

The basic idea of bowling is rather simple; throw a big heavy ball down a rigorous polished wooden floor and keep your fingers crossed that you’ll knock over at least one of the oddly shaped thingies at the end of the lane. Obviously there’s a lot more to the game that the above and the bizarre shoes, so in order for us to setup our alley truthfully we might as well have a crash course in the art of bowling as we go trough the various steps on the following pages.

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